Built to meet the surveying needs of our clients

We utilize the latest technologies available in our industry because we understand the importance of continuous process improvement to provide top-notch services.  With in-house R&D and $1M+ invested in software and technology development, C+C leads the industry in technical, product, and service innovation.
While our IT department focuses on developing software, our technical staff utilizes the latest versions of Carlson and AutoCAD software to prepare your products.


Your 360˚ view to keep you in control

Our proprietary operational system, CCConnect, leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver superior customer service and rigorous quality control.

We provide customers with a Client Dashboard that allows them to transparently view the real-time status of their jobs and receive customized text alerts when jobs are scheduled or completed. Our clients are also provided with customized mobile apps and online ordering systems, as well as secure 24/7 online access to project documentation from any location.  CCConnect provides task completion notification and survey delivery via email and a secure portal to view and print completed work.


Round-the-clock access to a secure, cloud-based platform that documents the workflow, status and other aspects of client projects. 

  • "Instant Forms" results by text notification within minutes
  • Easily order surveys from anywhere
  • Job dashboards with real-time status and start-to-finish details of your orders
  • Fast electronic delivery of survey documents
  • Online access to all completed survey deliverables
  • Accounting dashboard for seamless accounting coordination between teams
  • Text completion alerts to expedite scheduling of following trades
  • Faster permit times with less lag time for municipality comments.
  • Customized settings, including permission options for all project categories, capabilities, and documentation
  • Online document storage
  • Access to thousands of municipality rules for Quality Assurance Checklist (QAC) management.
  • Powerful database with extensive reporting of sales and profit margins.
  • Client feedback capabilities
  • "Instant Forms" results 
  • Online hosting of surveys
  • On-demand survey access
  • Customizable mobile app
  • Live job status dashboard
  • Accounting Dashboard
  • Text Completion Alerts
  • Municipality “Rules” Library 
  • In-house R+D
  • Over $1M invested in software development to expedite end-to-end surveying process