Changing the Landscape of the Land Surveying Industry: Technology's New Role

By: Gavin Bacchus, VP of Research & Development

Land surveying is an essential step in the residential construction process. It requires precision, timeliness, and accuracy. In the past, the residential landing surveying process included large crews and long timeframes. Innovation continues to drive residential land surveying technology. From drone usage, GPS and mobile 3D mapping to on-demand data access, the future of land surveying remains strong.

An Innovation Mindset

In the recent survey report: “CEO Business Leadership Survey 2020,” completed by Impact International, 89% of organizations agree or strongly agree that they will need to invest more in innovation due to shifting market conditions. Investing in innovation has been at the core of Carter + Clark’s R&D efforts since the beginning. In fact, the increased demand for client insight into the surveying process, and the desire for continuous process improvement, laid the foundation for implementing enhanced technology solutions throughout our company.

With a mindset for innovation, our R&D team remains focused on providing value to our customers – external and internal. CCConnect was developed as our team identified processes to support a desire for enhanced visibility into the entire land surveying process. Taking into consideration tools provided by earlier software technology, as well as the feedback provided by key customers, we designed a proprietary solution that provides on-demand insight, to efficiently keep projects moving forward.

CCConnect is an example of the important role of technology solutions play in innovating the residential land surveying industry.

Leadership Considerations
  • Identify processes and systems that streamline communication throughout the home building process.
  • Seek partners who use evolving technology solutions to support your innovation goals.
  • Use reliable resources, including Metrostudy and Meyers Research, to keep your team up-to-date on industry trends and innovations.

The landscape of the residential land surveying industry continues to rapidly evolve due to innovation and technology solutions. Connect with us to learn more about our solutions and discuss your innovation goals.


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