Effort + Focus = Achievement

On behalf of the entire C+C team, I would like to congratulate Chris Clark, VP of Business Development, and David Baggett, VP of Operations, for successfully achieving professional land surveyor licensure in Arizona and Indiana, respectively. This marks the 11th state license for Chris and the 7th state license for David.  In addition, both are Level II Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Design professionals.

Candidates are granted land surveyor licensure when they meet a combination of requirements in education, experience, and exams. Rigorous, state-specific exams are administered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) to ensure the candidate’s competency in all aspects of land surveying rules and regulations for that particular state. Exam preparation entails hours of intensive studying.

Chris and David, we are grateful for your dedication to obtaining these additional licenses and underscores your commitment to C+C’s ongoing success.

Stacy L. Carter, Chief Executive Officer

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