Employee Spotlight — Gabby Johnson

Gabby_1.jpgMeet Gabrielle “Gabby” Johnson —
Account Manager 

Gabby Johnson started working at Carter + Clark on October 28, 2019. Account manager for a three-state region — Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina — Gabby brings years of experience in sales and service to the C+C team.

Already known throughout the office for her warm greetings and wide smile, Gabby’s got a confidence that’s reassuring and valued by the account management team. She’s quick to share tips and honest opinions, but it’s her enthusiasm for making things better that makes us happy she’s joined the team.    

Can you provide a brief bio of your past work experience?
I started my career in banking when I was 19 years old as a part time teller with Bank of America. I was with the company for 12 years and ended my career as a Business Banker for the Atlanta market. I joined Atlantic Capital Bank as a Commercial Banker in late 2018, and due to a divestiture was laid off at the beginning of 2019. After a short hiatus, I crossed paths with a C+C ad, and here I am! 

What motivates you to be an account manager? 
I enjoy helping people manage projects and find solutions. I excel at creating long-term strategies that help customers become more proactive than reactive.

What are your interests outside of work? 
I am a writer, poet laurate, and singer. I enjoy spending time with my family and daughter Savannah Grace — she is 2 years old and my pride and joy.

Why did you choose to be a member of the C+C team? 
I believe that I can have a voice and pioneer change, and C+C is a leader in the market and still innovating.

What don’t we know about you?
I am a Gates Millennium Scholar. The Bill Gates Foundation paid my way through school. I have a BA in Economics from Spelman College, MAT in Social Studies (with gifted certificate) from the University of Southern California, and soon will have an MAcc from Brenau University.

Where haven’t you been, but would like to go?
I haven’t been on vacation in a while. I would like to just go to SLEEP. LOL

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 
Your decisions should not be followed by regret, but rather appreciation for the strength to make the decision.

Do you have a favorite quote? 
Never regret your story, as you are not the only author that wanted to write it. You were the one chosen to discover this pathway!

Who, or what, inspires you? 
Life is a journey. I am inspired by random people and random moments; you can learn something from anyone.

What are you passionate about? 
Living life and dreaming big, engaging others in their hopes and dreams, and seeing how we can collaborate to make that happen.

What do you like about Account Management? 
The customer engagement and being able to help in most things.

Who, or what, makes you most happy? 
I am most happy when I am learning something new and singing songs with Savannah.  

What surprises you about working at C+C?
The number of coffee drinkers!

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