Ensuring Quality Operational Results

As VP of Operations, David oversees field operations and production for Builder Services. This includes ensuring that every order is processed quickly and is held to high standards of quality, two essential factors in the success of our company. Leveraging technology to support process improvement has been a true game-changer, especially for land surveying and Carter + Clark.

Our industry has seen dramatic shifts in 2020, and as reported by the United States Census Bureau, July and August housing starts continue to remain strong. Our team has been able to quickly adapt to an influx of land surveying needs in large part, due to process innovation.

Improving Processes by  Leveraging Technology
In the past, land surveying involved large crews, long timeframes and a hefty paper trail. For example, field crews had to provide project information in person, hand deliver paperwork, scan drawings for submission and email for approval. Today, through the use of technology, Carter + Clark can generate an exponentially higher number of surveys per day, all while ensuring accuracy and quality standards.

Through our proprietary technology solution, CCConnect, need-to-know project information is available for our team members to quickly and efficiently process work and monitor project status. This has helped to drive inefficiencies from our operations, and most of all, provide a quality product our clients demand.

Even with state-of-the-art technology solutions, knowledgeable team members are at the core of our ongoing success. C+C’s team is filled with seasoned industry experts and ‘up-and-coming’ hotshots who continue to innovate processes to provide best-in-class results. We recognize that investing in our team’s training and development is cornerstone to success. Access to online learning modules for employees to review at their own pace helps keep our team up-to-date with the knowledge needed for career growth. Technology has fostered communication between team members to help keep projects moving in the right direction. From tracking municipality rules, code changes and location prerequisites to keeping apprised of local conditions, technology helps to keep our team laser-focused on our ‘clients first’ mentality.

The landscape of the builder services and disaster recovery continues to rapidly evolve. Connect with us to discuss how we can support the opportunities that are on your horizon.

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