New-Home Design

Living needs have shifted, as well as people’s attitudes + behaviors on home and community, over the past few years.

The study revealed that 51% of renters plan on purchasing a home in the next 3 years. Key words when referring to what “home” means includes safety at # 1, comfort, relaxation, and family.

Another positive revelation from the study includes that while people are wanting to reduce their spending, only 15% reported that they would be putting off purchasing a home.

It is also notable that the most important room in a house has shifted from Kitchen to Family Room. The study released that when buyers think of what is still missing in homes, better storage, energy efficiency + better technology, and kitchens equipped for cooking remained the top missing features.

Consumers place value on what their homes + community can do to support them, and it is important to keep up with what is in demand for buyers

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