Supporting Our Clients’ Surveying Needs with Precision + Talent (+ Coffee)

When it comes to meeting the surveying needs of production homebuilders, Carter + Clark is always ready. Producing over 8,000 surveys a month, our talented and coffee-driven team works at incredible speeds to generate Plot Plan Surveys.

These documents are highly important in the construction industry as they show exactly where a specific house plan should sit on the lot, making sure to avoid easements and other municipal ‘rules.’

While drafting Plot Plan Surveys takes incredible precision and attention to detail, Daniel Brown, CAD Tech, makes it look very easy. Check out Daniel in his element:

Check out Daniel at work >>

Many will say this video has been altered to look like Daniel is drafting the survey insanely fast. In reality, it is only his incredible talent and a few (or a lot) cups of coffee.

At Carter + Clark we help you build homes faster and more profitably. Connect with us to get started on your next project.

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